Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Vacation

Last week Olivia and I headed down to St. George to visit T.J.'s family. It was so nice to see them and spend some quality time together. It was nice to get away and get some warm weather. Olivia loves everyone and always smiles but she really likes to play with T.J.'s sister Kenzie. She would always smile and laugh at her or want to be held by her.Thanks Kenzie for playing with her and watching her for me! I was lazy the whole time and didn't get any pictures of anyone except Olivia. So sorry this post is kind of boring. I couldn't resist taking pictures of her in her little hat.
Of course she has drool coming out of her mouth as always but she actually has a reason for it now, her first TOOTH started poking through on Wednesday and if you look really, really, really close you can see it on the bottom. Okay maybe not but if you were to magnify it you could:)

We drove back up on Sunday and the ride could have been a little easier and quieter but Olivia decided that she wanted to be persistent and cry/scream almost the whole way home. Well you know how it usually goes when one baby cries and so then the other has to chip in, that's pretty much how it was. Olivia was mostly the instigator of it all but Trae and her had their moments. Thanks Holly for putting up with us. We had fun driving down and back with both of you! Aren't these two such cuties? I know I'm biased.
Thanks Kim and Danny we had so much fun in sunny St. George. We really appreciate all you do for us and WE LOVE YOU ALL A TON!!!!


Abby and Jonathan said...

I want a little vacation! Save me from provo,ha ha

Ehlers Family said...

Im glad you had fun but im also glad your back so we can continue killing ourselves running! Olivia seriously is so cute.. I love the hat.. She's a sweetheart! I love the new family pic.. (Not sure if I already told you that)

Kim said...

Love this post! We loved having you and are ready for you to come again!! We forgot to go and take some pictures! Next time for sure. Love you all! Kim

The DiStefano Family said...

Olivia is such a doll and those Easter pictures of you guys are so so cute! She already has a tooth? Trey man will be so jealous. I like that picture that looks like she is pointing at it!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

such cute pics Hanna!!! I am the worst, I didnt get any of T down there! hehe love her hat! that was fun, thanks for joining us!