Thursday, June 28, 2012

Princess~Indiana Jones...

These two crack me up! They have the funniest friendship, one minute they are yelling and mad at each other and the next they are buddies playing princess and Indiana Jones. They have both developed quite the imagination and I just have to giggle when I hear them playing. Trae comes over to our house every other week and they get to play for a few hours. They are funny because they always want me to take a picture of them with my phone. So they got on the chair and were totally posing for the camera! It was so cute and hilarious! I'm so happy that Olivia has such cute and wonderful little friends that she is able to play with.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SLC Half... Ogden Half...

I finished my second half marathon in April. I ran the SLC half with two of my sisters and two brother in laws. I wasn't sure what to expect since none of us had run this race before and didn't have any experience with it. Since I had only run one half before this one and it was 3 1/2 months after Amelia was born I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I had high hopes that all the training would pay off and that I could beat my last time. I enjoyed the race except the mile long hill at the end. I felt like I was running so slow at the end. I felt really good through out the race, much better than the first half I did where I felt like I was going to poop my pants or throw up at any second for the last three miles. My legs were tired but besides that I felt pretty good. I came in at 1:39:36 which is 18 minutes better than my last time. I was thrilled and felt like I had accomplished a big goal of mine. 
A month later I ran the Ogden Half Marathon which is my favorite { I know I don't have a lot of experience with other races} I love that it is in my hometown and that there are so many people there to help volunteer and support. The race is absolutely beautiful with the dam and canyon to run by. I really wanted to push myself this race and beat my last race time. I felt really good until mile 11 and then I hit a wall. I felt like my legs were going to stop at any moment. I wanted so badly to run faster but I couldn't get my legs to go. I was thinking that my time could be at least four minutes faster by how I was running  but then I hit the wall. I ended up coming in at 1:37:08 which was still really good for me and I was happy with my run. I love running and to accomplish something that seems so distant and impossible at one time is awesome! I love that I get to train with such awesome girls and run races with them. I 'm so proud of them and their accomplishments. I have the cuttest sisters and friends to share it with. I'm also so grateful for TJ the most wonderful supportive husband I could ask for. He supports me in my races and training and knows that I have such a great love for running. Thanks babe! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mother's Day...

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I didn't have to change one diaper or wipe one bum. TJ took care of the girls which was really nice. I wish I would have gotten pictures of my mom and mother in law but I didn't. I printed these questionnaires out for Olivia to answer about me and her grandmas and they were pretty funny. I only got a picture of mine but they all gave me a good laugh.


Last month my mom received the Teacher Feature Award from KSL. Her good friend and co-worker nominated her for it. She wrote this sweet letter about my mom and it couldn't be anymore true. My mom is the most giving and loving person I know and she is always looking out for others and giving her own time and energy to them. I know she is a wonderful teacher that really cares for her students and wants them to achieve great things. I Love my MOM and I'm so proud of her!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Livy Lou...

Where do I even start with this ever growing girl of mine. She is becoming more independent each day. I wish I was better at updating my blog so that I could write down all the funny, smart, sassy and loving things she says. I forget them way to fast. 
Livy loves spending time with Daddy all by herself. TJ took her golfing with him a little bit ago and she had a blast riding in the cart and trying to swing the club at the ball. 
Livy is still somewhat timid when it comes to certain things but give her enough time and she will warm up. She loves saying hi to anyone that passes by our house but the second someone says hi to her first she shies away. Olivia has developed quiet the imagination lately and loves playing pretend house, horses, princesses, animals. She names all her stuffed animals which she always has one with her. I'm not sure where some of the names come from but they are pretty comical
{Jojo the riding horse, sparkly the gray bunny, minka the brown bunny, Mikayla the white horse}
She tries so hard to play with Amelia and most the time they play well but when Amelia doesn't want to play or play by the rules she gets frustrated and ends up making Amelia cry.  
Livy visited the Dentist for the first time and was timid at first but our Dentist Dr. Call {My brother} did an amazing job with her! He explained all the tools in kid language and was really nice and positive. 

Olivia loves:
{pretend and real}
{she rode a real horse for the very first time a few weeks ago while at the animal petting fair in Farmington. Then she rode again at Great Grandpa Tom's. I wasn't able to be there either time which makes me sad. I was told she did wonderful. The picture below is of her with her GG Tom on his horse. I love the picture!}
Stuffed animals
{preferably bunnies} 
Watching a show on the Ipad
catching bugs
{the Easter bunny brought her a bug catching kit in her basket and since then she has loved catching bugs. At first she wanted me to get them all for her because she was afraid but now she has gotten past that will pick up her own bugs}
Jumping on the trampoline
Driving her jeep
{finally she is getting the hang of it}
playing outside
playing with her friends
carrots & ranch
Suckers, Ring pops & Push pops
getting her nails painted

Olivia Dislikes:
Listening to me
{haha, gotta love three year olds}
bed time
picking up her toys
when its hot in the car
getting her hair blow dried 
her toenails being clipped
staying in bed

Olivia's Famous Phrases:
"Mom lets talk about something"
"When I get older I can have..."
" I have an idea"
'"How about.."
"Um how about no"
" Remember yesterday when..."
"Is it going to take a long time or a little time?"
"Please momma Please!"
"What next Momma"
"It's okay"
" I love you in all my heart"
"Hugs, Kisses!"
"Is it going to take 2 minutes or five minutes?"

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Millie...

Oh how this little girl melts my heart! She has the happiest smile that lights up a room. She has been developing so much lately and getting so big. She had her molars come in and was not a happy baby for quiet a while and I thought it would end but it hasn't. She has continued to cry and scream a lot more than she ever has. It has become her way of communicating with us. She will scream when she wants something or someone, gets hurt or gets her feelings hurt etc. I still love her to death but she needs to learn some words so she can stop this madness. Amelia and Olivia couldn't be any more different. Amelia gets her feelings hurt very easily and is very sensitive to things. She will still sit in my lap or let me cuddle her and lay her head on my shoulder. Lately Amelia will not let me leave the room without her. 
We have been really enjoying the warm weather that April and May have given us and it has been really fun to see Amelia experience everything outdoors. She will go up to the back door and cry to go outside. 
The week after Easter Amelia got pink eye and the poor thing couldn't get rid of it. We had to put her on the strongest eye drops for 7 days after already having an antibiotic of it. Her right eye was so swollen for a few days. {picture below} And of course Olivia shortly after go pink eye. We were on house arrest for over a week with sick girls.
Amelia loves:
flowers {although she is fairly delicate with them}
Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, Grapes, Yogurt, anything sweet, 
{She has become more picky baby over the last few months though}
Standing up on things
Bath time
Mickey Mouse
{She lights up and starts giggling when I pull the TV down in the car}
Mom's pop
Playing with the broom
Her Blanky
{She tries jumping whenever she is walking on solid ground}

Amelia dislikes:
The shopping Cart
The store
Diaper Changed
Being in a room alone
Most meats
Sitting still
Sacrament or Church for that matter
Amelia Says:
and a lot of gibberish...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We had a wonderful Easter day and weekend. We decorated eggs at the Amos house with all our friends. Olivia loved coloring on the eggs and wanted to use the same color for every egg. On Saturday we headed over to Grandma Kay's place where they had the Easter Bunny...As you can tell Olivia was not a fan of him. Rylee on the other hand was more than happy to stand and smile. After that we headed to Grandma & Papa Calls house for decorating sugar cookies and an egg hunt. There are quite a few grand kids and they range from 21- 9 months so when we get together it is CRAZY! We had the little ones go out first and find some eggs and then let the older ones go out. Olivia had so much fun this year being that it was the first year she understood what was going on and actually got to do it. Last year she had just had her tonsils out and wasn't able to be involved in the festivities. After Grandma's and Papa's we headed to G- Grandpa Tom & G-Grandma AK for dinner and a scavenger hunt. We had lots of fun finding eggs, candy and beach towels. Amelia got a big pink ball and was in love with it.
Easter morning came early and we had church so the Easter Bunny came while we were gone and hid our eggs and brought our baskets. The girls got some fun little things in their baskets. Of course as it always is, I could get a decent picture of all of us or for that matter the girls either.  I'm so grateful for our Saviour and his sacrifices. I'm truly blessed to be a member of the LDS church and to have a strong testimony of the truthfulness of it.