Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FouR MonThs...

Yes it has already been four months since our sweet Amelia came to us. She has gotten so big in the last little bit and is starting to develop in many different ways. She is a very good baby as long as she is fed. She sleeps almost through the night going to bed at 8:30 & waking up at about 5:30 to eat and then sleeps till 9:00.
She lately is into pursing her lips and spitting, and she also does this when she is done with her bottle and doesn't want anymore.
She has such a beautiful and happy smile, she smiles with her eyes
She loves to eat her hands
Is ticklish everywhere and laughs hysterically when tickled
Loves to have her face buried in a blanket when sleeping
Giggles at Olivia no matter what she is doing
takes way better naps than Olivia ever did
She is such a sweet baby with a beautiful spirit. We love her to death!
At her visit to Dr. Eberhard she had two shots and the rotavirus drops
her stats are
Weight 13 lbs 11oz 52%
Height 24 in 40%
Head Cir 16 40%


Ehlers Family said...

I cant believe she is 4 months already. She is so darling.

Emily said...

I just love that headband! She is soooo adorable! And I am sorry to hear about your wedding ring! I lose everything!!!! So I can relate to your rough couple of days! I haven't lost a kid yet, knock on wood, but I am sure all mom's experience it at some point (the panic of thinking they lost their child). Anyway...very cute pics!!!

Kim said...

She is so beautiful! I love her!

hoLLY said...

these pics are so cute!!! They grow too fast! love her!