Thursday, October 27, 2011


September is my favorite month! I love the weather and of course because it is my birthday! This September flew by and I have no idea where it went.
Amelia is now 8 months old and getting so wiggly. She started getting on her hands and knees and the beginning of the month and by the end she is crawling like crazy! She also has started standing up to almost anything that will hold her weight. Before she started crawling she had this little pose that she is famous for. She would lay on her side and prop herself up with her arm. It was so cute! She also had the rolling down pretty good enough to where she would roll and nothing would touch except her belly. She had her first ride in the shopping cart and she loved it! About two weeks into September She started to wake up a lot during the night. She would wake up screaming and there was nothing we could do to make her stop. She didn't want you to hold her or put her down. As the month went on and she still wasn't sleeping we all got more concerned for her. I took her into the Dr. and there was nothing wrong.He thinks that she was having night terrors. The bad thing about that is that there isn't anything we can do for her. We tried teething gel for her teeth, prescription for acid reflux, a blessing, feeding her solids right before bed, music in her room. Nothing has worked. I think we are all feeling the effects of the lack of sleep. I wish there was something that we could do to help her sleep.
Even though she isn't sleeping and she is aging me quicker than I would like with the lack of sleep. I love her to death! She is such a sweet little baby that loves everyone and is happy during the day. She always lights up when she sees someone. When I or TJ come home she will crawl as fast as she can to us. She loves to eat, especially solids not so much her bottle anymore. She also loves her hands and in every picture they are in her mouth.

Olivia is growing before my eyes! I can't believe how much she is maturing and becoming more independent. Lately however she has found enjoyment in hurting her little sister. She will push her or put a blanket over her or take her binky away. Anything that will make Amelia cry she will do. On the other hand she can be the nicest and loving sister. Oh the joys of having a sister! She will not look at the camera when I'm taking her picture. So every picture of her she is looking away.
My little sister Abby had her little baby boy Will in August and so I headed down to Las Vegas with my parents and Amelia. It was so fun to see her house and the beautiful little guy. Amelia did great on the trip down hardly a peep but the way back she knew what was coming and she didn't like it. She cried pretty much the whole way home. I also celebrated my 27Th birthday in September which is crazy. I feel like I'm getting old! Not fun! I had a great day though which always makes it better. I got to get a massage, I went shopping and had a yummy BBQ with my family.
So about a month ago my IT band started hurting from running and while in Vegas I went running and only made it 5 1/2 miles because my leg was killing me! I had registered for the Layton Half in October but there was no way I could run it. It's frustrating!
We went with the Powell's down to Harvest Moon in Ogden on 25th st. and had a blast with all the fun kid activities that they had. Olivia and her cousins are only two weeks apart and they all have an obsession with horses! They wanted to sit on every horse they saw. Olivia loved the real horse they had there. She enjoyed the train ride and had the tumble bus. It was hard to get her to leave.

We went for a walk to the Jensen nature park and Olivia was in love with the horses that are in the fields.

TJ's little brother Josh married his beautiful Fiance Abby at the end of September. They are such a cute couple! Congrats!


hoLLY said...

what a busy month!! Im glad you were able to go see abby and her baby! so fun! The pics of the girls are too cute!

Ehlers Family said...

Wow you did have a busy month. I love all the pics. Amelia is a cutie pie. Im glad you had a great b day!