Thursday, October 6, 2011

August Happenings...

Well its nothing new that I haven't blogged in a while. I have a hard time sitting down and updating it when life is so busy. So here is a what happened in August for us. Unfortunately I put the pictures on in the wrong order and it doesn't let you rearrange them and I wasn't about to start over so sorry if it's confusing.
She is growing ever so much. She is 7 months and is at the stage that is the easiest for me. She plays with toys and doesn't move a whole lot yet. No crawling or sitting just rolling. She is a very happy and content baby. She will go to anyone and loves to play with Olivia. She found her toes and thinks they are pretty yummy. Now this doesn't seem like a milestone for a baby but for my baby it is. Olivia was so not flexible that didn't have a chance of eating her toes. TJ and I are not flexible at all and so are children are doomed in that area. ha ha Amelia loves to eat! She however has not grasped the idea of eating anything with texture to it. She gags on anything that isn't baby food.

Well the day finally came!! Olivia decided that going on the potty was way more fun then wearing diapers! SHE IS FINALLY POTTY TRAINED!! I had nightmares that this day would never come. There could be a few reasons it finally worked but I'm pretty sure why. I bought her a princess potty that was just hers and it made music when you flushed it. I got her treats for after she went to the bathroom, and I had her put clothes while in her undies instead of being naked and the first time she peed it bothered her a lot. Also we made it a big deal when she would go. Scream yay! clap ours hands or give a thumbs up( this was her idea)So it could be any of those reasons that she started going potty but knowing my Livy it was her decision. When she doesn't want to do something she wont and if she does she will. She is very stubborn and strong willed. I honestly think she decided that she wanted to and so she finally did. She had the first pee accident that morning we started and none since. She had a few poop accidents but she was sick and didn't understand that type of feeling and rushing to the bathroom. I'm so happy that it is over with and that she is a big girl going in the potty. I feel so much relief!
Olivia is into two things
1. Horses and ponies
2. Dresses
She would wear a dress every day and every night if she could and it would probably be the same purple dress. I love this about her. She also has to have a horse near her or in a hand at all times. She probably has 3o horses of all different sizes and colors. She makes a jungle as she calls it and lines up all her horses along with some of their friends which are different animals. She loves doing this and gets excited to show me or TJ what she had done.
She also of course loves to watch TV and some of her favorite shows now are Blues Clues, Yo Gaba Gaba, Horseland and Curious George.

We celebrated TJ's 28Th birthday in the month of August! We had some yummy all you can eat pasta at Olive Garden and played some mini golf. Our wonderful friends the Amos' came along and enjoyed the evening with us. This was Olivia's first time playing mini golf. She threw she ball into the water twice and had no desire to hit the ball from the right spot. It was fun to watch her a Trae have fun with it. And to top the night off we went home and had some delicious homemade ice cream cake. TJ's favorite!

The beginning of August TJ was released from his calling as the Gospel Doctrine teacher and was called to be the Stake Young Men's President. He is happy to have this new calling.
At the beginning of the month we celebrated our SIX YEAR anniversary! It seriously is crazy how time has flown! I'm so grateful for the wonderful man that I married and for the best friend that I'm able to spend eternity with. He is my rock. He is my laughter. He is my love. He is my friend. He is my joy. Thank you for being you! I love you!
We didn't go on any major trips this summer but we did head to Bear Lake for the second time this summer. We had a blast with the Powell's and are thankful for them inviting us to come with them. Olivia loves the water and had a fun time helping with burring TJ in the sand. Amelia isn't sitting yet so TJ decided to dig a hole and put her in it to hold her up.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Family!

hoLLY said...

tj's bday was tons of fun!! thanks for inviting us!! we need to do more family date nights,we loved it!!
The pics of your girls are adorable!!