Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Celebration Continued...

I'm not quite done posting about Olivia's Birthday. She was so spoiled this year by everyone and we are so thankful for all those that came to her party. We had a birthday party at Grandma and Papa's house with Olivia's cousins that are the same age. She loved all her presents and especially her stroller that we gave her. She also had a little celebration with TJ's parent's up at Bear Lake. Then we had a friend party for her at the South Ogden Splash Pad and it was a blast. For the first hour Olivia wouldn't let me put her down and she was very whiny but finally after some pizza (her favorite food) and presents she was ready to play. Thank you for all that came and supported her for her birthday!
Just some things that remind me of Olivia or that she does that I want to put down so that I will have them for when I forget:
~loves suckers
~climbs on anything
~jumps off of anything or onto anything
~she is such a monkey
~ still has a binky when she goes to bed (I know I really need to rid her of it)
~ loves playing in water
~ she is talking more each day
{I want that}
{ I don't want that}
{ I'm hungry}
{ hold you}
{See ya}
And many more words that I'm sure I have put down before.
~ she wants to go potty whenever someone else does
~ She has no fear
~ Finally will somewhat let me brush her teeth
~ gives her baby dolls kisses and tells them she loves them
~ loves to have her toes and nails painted
~ Still into Dora
~ Wants to watch the horses all the time{Spirit the movie}
Here are stats which again are so I can look back and know what they were.
Weight: 23.8 lbs.~13%
Height: 35 in.~78%
Head cir: 18 in.~10%

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Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

ohhhh livi she is too stinkin adorable! her party was fun! Trae loved it!