Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh So BiG!!

I have been such a slacker of taking pictures of Olivia lately and I feel really bad about it. Here are some that have been over the past few weeks and they are all taken with my phone so please forgive me for the blur and graininess.
Olivia is obsessed with climbing on anything and most of all she loves to climb on the stools in the kitchen. She decided that she wanted to sit and have lunch on them so I let her and she loved it. She seems so big sitting by herself.
Saying Cheese!

Another cheese
Carefully choosing her next nugget

I thought this was so cute, one second she was looking at her book and the next I look back and she is out . But if you notice she is still holding on.
I went to check on her while she was napping and this is what I found.
How comfortable could that really be? She was like this for at least another 45 minutes before she woke up.

I take her to work with me two days a week and so she doesn't get any real naps those days. Of course that results in her being really tired and onery at the end of the day. This particular day she was exhausted and I had put her on the couch to read her a book and then I look over and she has fallen asleep!
Olivia has grown in so many ways the last few months and I can't believe it! She is our little spitfire that doesn't stop moving .


Courtney and Allen said...

haha these pictures are hilarious! She is so funny!

Emily W said...

Those are great pics! ha ha. Bay is a mover, too! Girls keep ya hopping more than I ever expected! I thought boys were the busy ones! :) She is a doll!

Shae and Zane said...

Those sleeping pictures are hilarious!!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

Olivia is getting so big! she is such is such a cutie!!! I love the pics of her sitting up sleeping! hilarious!!! glad you guys had a good christmas!

Kim said...

She steals my heart! I hope she is feeling better and that you two don't get sick! Love you all! I framed her picture in this cute black frame! Love it! thanks so much!

Ehlers Family said...

Olivia... She is seriously so darling. I love her falling asleep like that.

Steve & Heather said...

She's such a funny cute girl!

Abby and Jonathan said...

She is so so so so CUTE! I miss you! Those pictures are so funny. I love you guys.