Thursday, May 31, 2012

Livy Lou...

Where do I even start with this ever growing girl of mine. She is becoming more independent each day. I wish I was better at updating my blog so that I could write down all the funny, smart, sassy and loving things she says. I forget them way to fast. 
Livy loves spending time with Daddy all by herself. TJ took her golfing with him a little bit ago and she had a blast riding in the cart and trying to swing the club at the ball. 
Livy is still somewhat timid when it comes to certain things but give her enough time and she will warm up. She loves saying hi to anyone that passes by our house but the second someone says hi to her first she shies away. Olivia has developed quiet the imagination lately and loves playing pretend house, horses, princesses, animals. She names all her stuffed animals which she always has one with her. I'm not sure where some of the names come from but they are pretty comical
{Jojo the riding horse, sparkly the gray bunny, minka the brown bunny, Mikayla the white horse}
She tries so hard to play with Amelia and most the time they play well but when Amelia doesn't want to play or play by the rules she gets frustrated and ends up making Amelia cry.  
Livy visited the Dentist for the first time and was timid at first but our Dentist Dr. Call {My brother} did an amazing job with her! He explained all the tools in kid language and was really nice and positive. 

Olivia loves:
{pretend and real}
{she rode a real horse for the very first time a few weeks ago while at the animal petting fair in Farmington. Then she rode again at Great Grandpa Tom's. I wasn't able to be there either time which makes me sad. I was told she did wonderful. The picture below is of her with her GG Tom on his horse. I love the picture!}
Stuffed animals
{preferably bunnies} 
Watching a show on the Ipad
catching bugs
{the Easter bunny brought her a bug catching kit in her basket and since then she has loved catching bugs. At first she wanted me to get them all for her because she was afraid but now she has gotten past that will pick up her own bugs}
Jumping on the trampoline
Driving her jeep
{finally she is getting the hang of it}
playing outside
playing with her friends
carrots & ranch
Suckers, Ring pops & Push pops
getting her nails painted

Olivia Dislikes:
Listening to me
{haha, gotta love three year olds}
bed time
picking up her toys
when its hot in the car
getting her hair blow dried 
her toenails being clipped
staying in bed

Olivia's Famous Phrases:
"Mom lets talk about something"
"When I get older I can have..."
" I have an idea"
'"How about.."
"Um how about no"
" Remember yesterday when..."
"Is it going to take a long time or a little time?"
"Please momma Please!"
"What next Momma"
"It's okay"
" I love you in all my heart"
"Hugs, Kisses!"
"Is it going to take 2 minutes or five minutes?"

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