Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh OliviA!!!

Man has Olivia been busy, she never stops going and I really mean never....Oh except when her father pushes the button, sits her in the big lazy boy, puts a nice big fleece blanket on her and flips on some cartoons. This morning while walking downstairs I noticed that it was oddly quite and then I found her nicely tucked in on the chair watching little Einsteins. T.J. has created a T.V. junkie! She will not hold still for anything toys, food you name it, but once that television is on, her eyes are like magnets. Oh I wish I had gotten a picture of it because it was quiet adorable. I'm sure there will plenty more opportunities in the near future.
On another note Olivia is gotten to be such a ham, {daughter like father}. She babbles on and on all day long, some words some not. She has become quite the independent little girl, she climbs onto everything, she has learned to fight somewhat back {not a good thing}, she says juice, and Lucy, yes, and she loves to shake her head in a no fashion.
She has come to really like her horse in her room, and her bike her got for her birthday.
Riding the horse

She loves to climb in and on her bike, yes she opens the lid and stands inside it then gets all happy that she did it.


Kim said...

Oh I miss her! And you guys! Makes my heart hurt! Trip to St George soon?

Kenzie Nicole said...

Awe! my niece is the cutest thing ever!

Brady and Audrey said...

I can't believe how big she's getting and cute as ever! We really miss you guys, can't wait until December!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

she is so funny! we just love her!

Ehlers Family said...

She's to cute for her own good. We need to hang again soon. Brooklyn Says Hi OLIvia

Steve & Heather said...

She's grown so much! What a cutie. You must be so proud. I can't wait for my little girl. :)