Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bouncing Baby Girl!!!

Well, we have not been able to get on our blog for quite a while, so it is time to fill you in on some of the new news. The biggest change that is coming in our life is the new expectance of a baby girl. T.J. and I are expecting little Olivia Margueritte Roberts on 08/08/2008, which is quite the date. Both parents are extremely happy, and extremely nervous. Also, T.J. has started a new adventure with his work. He and two of his buddies have opened up a car dealership in South Ogden and have been busy getting it up and running.

They have been fortunate enough to start out the new business strong, and are looking forward to working hard and making me some money, he he he!


the LOTT family said...

hey hanna! its nickie... alyssas sister i just wanted to tell you that you look so cute with your little belly! i hope everything is going well for you and olivia and tj. i love that name by the way!

Jaimee said...

Hey! I didn't know you guys had a blog!! So so fun! Can't wait to see you guys. Love ya!